5 Best Restaurants in Delhi to have the Mouth-watering Bengali Food

Delhi, capital of India is always special. It’s a place where they have a so big Heart that they have given a full majority to the newly made party and rejects the party which is the Centre. In this Article, we will show you some of the best places in Delhi to eat the delicious Bengalis Food, The motive of this Article is not only to show you the best places in Delhi to eat the food of Bengal, but also to promote the cuisine of Bengal.

1. Poribeshon at Indirapuram

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This place is primarily a takeaway joint, but the food of this place is so delicious that one just can’t miss. The Lau chingri and Aloo posto are so luscious that every Bengali loves to visit here. If you want to try the Bengali Food, then must this place once.

2. Maa Tara at Chittaranjan Park

Maa Tara is situated at Market No.2 and the food in this place is so amazing that one just can’t miss out. This delightful Restaurant is the perfect treat for your Taste Buds. The dishes of Maa Tara are authentic Bengali Dishes and one must try Mouth-watering Kosha Mangsho of this place.

3. Kolkata Biryani House at Chittaranjan Park

If you are in love with Biryani, then there’s no better place than the Kolkata Biryani House. The Biryani of this place is the perfect mixture of Rice, mutton and spices. I can guarantee you that the Biryani of this place will never disappoint you.

4. Oh! Calcutta at Nehru Park

As the Name Suggests, this place is perfect for the Bengalis and the ones who wants to try the Cuisine of Bengal. The star attraction dish of this place is Shorshey Bhapa Chingri, which is so Lip-smacking that one just can’t miss out. If you want to try the authentic Bengali Dishes, it’s the perfect place for you.

5. Bijoli Grill at Banga Bhavan, Barakhamba Road

The best part of Bijoli Grill is that they serve the Salivating Food at very reasonable prices. Aloo Posto and Daab Chingri are the star attraction of this place. If you never tried Bengali food before and wants to try, then must try at Bijoli Grill.