Gandhi Jayanti Special: 7 Foods which Mahatma Gandhi loved Eating

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the prominent leader of the Indian Independence Movement in British-rule India. He was born on 2 Oct 1869. He is also called as Bapu and is unofficially called as the Father of Nation. On His Birthday, 2 October, is commentated as Gandhi Jayanti, a National Holiday and World-wide as the International Day of Non-violence. In this special Article, we will show you the food which was loved by the Mahatma Gandhi. The motive of this Article is to make all of you remember of Mahatma Gandhi through interesting way of describing about he liked to eat.

1. Chapati

Being a Gujarati, he grew up eating Chapatis and that’s something he continued whole his life. Gandhi lived his life very simply and the same for the food. It’s great to know that Gandhi loved eating simple and ordinary food.

2. Dal-Chawal

We all just love to eat the combination of Rice and Dal and that’s what the Father of Nation preferred too. Mahatma Gandhi liked eating rich protein Dal with Chawal (Rice). Mahatma Gandhi was undoubtedly a great leader who always made sacrifices for the Nation.

3. Brinjal

Gandhi was used to eat his meals with a portion of nourished boiling Brijanls. For any of us, it may seem awkward eating simple boiled Brinjal but that’s how the father of Nation was used to eat. This clearly shows how simply he lived his life.

4. Yogurt

Yogurt, famous as Dahi in India is great for stomach and digestion. Gandhi often preferred curd in yogurt in his meal. It is amazing to know that Gandhi loved eating very simple and ordinary food and we all should prefer this food too.

5. Radish, Beetroot

Gandhi always ate boiled vegetables like Radish and Beetroot the most. He always believed in simple, ‘Sattvik’ and pure food. He liked eating boiled vegetables, without adding salt or oil. This shows how simple food he used to ate.

6. Peda

Peda is undoubtedly one of the best desserts of Gujarat. Gandhi loved eating Peda but only those Peda’s which are made from the milk procured from local cows. Peda is so delicious and Mouth-watering that one can’t resist from eating more and more.

7. Juices

Gandhi always encouraged his supporters to keep away from liquors and promoted juices and Squash. Fresh juices were the source of energy for Gandhi as he was often on a fast. Juices are a great source of energy and best drink to have. We all must ignore liquor drinks.