7 Delectable Kashmiri Dishes That Every Foodie must try Once in Life

Kashmir is known as ‘Heaven on Earth’ and there’s no doubt in this statement. The magnificent Mountains and Hills can just change your mood in hardly 1 second. Kashmir is the heaven of the beautiful natural climates and scenery. But in this Article, we will show you about the delicious Dishes of Kashmir, which is being under-rated. The motive of this Article is not only to promote the food of Kashmir, but also to show the finest dishes of Kashmir too.

1. Veth Chaman

Veth Chaman is my favorite dish of Kashmir. It’s prepared with fiery cottage cheese with other aromatic spices. This Paneer dish of Kashmir is so spicy and luscious that one just can’t miss out. Veth Chaman is a must try Kashmiri dish for every Foodie.

2. Dum-Aloo

Dum-Aloo is the traditional dish of Kashmir, which is probably prepared on every festival. It’s prepared with boiled potatoes and along with fiery and yummy red color gravy. Dum-Aloo tastes so delicious that one just wants to eat more and more.

3. Rogan Josh

There’s no competition to this Kashmiri Dish. Rogan Josh is prepared with small mutton pieces and finest gravy of spices. The gravy of Rogan Josh is so delicious and luscious that even vegetarians would love to try the Gravy once. This Famous dish of Kashmir is the perfect treat for the Foodies.

4. Haaq or Kashmiri Saag

This healthy dish of Kashmir is a perfect item for the health conscious people. Kashmiri Saag is prepared with green and leafy vegetables, which are full of proteins and nutritions. This famous dish of Kashmir is not spicy at all and tastes very unique from the other Kashmiri Dishes.

5. Roth (Sweet Rotis)

Roth is basically a sweet Roti, which is commonly prepared during local festivals. Roth is prepared with wheat flour, sugar, ghee, poppy seed, cardamom and ghee for frying. Roth is mostly prepared by pandits as a ritual. This delicious Roti is prepared on the special occasion of the Kashmiri New Year.

6. Yakhni (Mutton in Curd Gravy)

This Delicious and Mouth-watering dish of Kashmir is prepared with the mixture of curd, mutton and spices. Yakhni tastes so good that one just wants to eat this on repeat mode. If you are a True Foodie, then must try Yakhni once in Life.

7. Kashmiri Pulao

There’s no better Pulao than the Kashmiri Pulao. This dish is prepared with rich nuts like cashews, almonds, walnuts and the other spices like cloves, cardamoms, saffron, cinnamon and many more. Kashmiri Pulao tastes so appetizing that one just can’t miss this out. If you are a True Foodie, then must try Kashmiri Pulao once.