7 Mouth-watering Rajasthani Delicacies that you must try once in life

Rajasthan, the largest Indian state as per area also called as “Land of Kings” has a vast variety of food too. The state of the Desert is famous for the old kingdoms and historical places where one can’t resist self without going. In this Article, we will show you some of the Mouth-watering Rajasthani Delicacies that every Foodie must try once in Life. The motive of this Article is not only to show you the Best Rajasthani food items, but also to promote the Rajasthani Food.

1. Dal Baati Churma

This traditional Rajasthani delicacy is the first pick of the every Rajasthani Food lover. The combination of Ghee dipped Baati’s with dal and churma makes it so delicious that one just can’t miss this out. It tastes so good that one just wants to eat more and more.

2. Pyaaz Kachori

This Mouth-watering Kachoris are available in every Namkeen shop of Rajasthan. It tastes very yummy. Pyaar Kachori is prepared with the stuffing of onions, potatoes and spices. This Rajasthani delicacy is the perfect treat for the foodies.

3. Kalmi Vada

This one is my all time favorite. Kalmi Vada is deep fried gram dal crispier snack and it’s served with green chutney, which takes its taste to another level. This Mouth-watering delicacy is the perfect Tea time snack to have.

4. Mirch Ke Pakode

This delicious street food of Rajasthan is the perfect treat for the spicy food lovers. This chilli Pakodas are stuffed with spicy potato filling and later deep fried. It tastes so delicious and spicy that one just wants to eat this on repeat mode.

5. Meethi Bajra Poori

If you never tried Meethi Bajra Poori, then surely you are missing something very special. This deep fried Poori is prepared with the combination of Bajra and Whole wheat flour and Methi leaves. It tastes so good with Aloo Sabzi, chutney and Raita that one just wants to eat this every day.

6. Mawa Kachori

Mawa Kachori is the Heavenly good dessert of Rajasthan. This Kachori is stuffed with sugar, milk powder, cardamom, heavy cream, saffron and nuts. Mawa Kachori tastes so delicious that one just wants to eat this over again and again. If you are planning to Visit Rajasthan, then must try this delicacy.

7. Ghevar

This Disc-shaped traditional dessert of Rajasthan is so appetizing that one just can’t miss this out. Ghevar is prepared with Maida, ghee, sugar, corn flour and water. If you never tried this delicacy before, then you are surely missing something very special.